Jasa Custom Set Furniture Kamar Tidur Modern Furniture Design For A Contemporary Interior (66 Pictures)

Modern furniture design? Isn’t it amazing. Classic is good too in the proper decor. But contemporary furniture looks dashing.

jual custom set furniture kamar tidur A terbaru interior works for many people. Many think contemporary home décor is cold, minimalist, and impersonal, but in fact contemporary interior design are welcoming and comfortable while avoiding clutter.

It is a very versatile style, usable not only in living rooms, but also kitchens, offices, lofts, stores, and even bathrooms. The goal of contemporary décor is not truly minimalism, but rather to create clean, quiet, and comfortable retreat.

A contemporary house interior is created by following some simple rules. You are looking for to base the design around these design basics: simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture, and clean lines.

Image source: Forsite Studio

Modern decorating ideas are not so much about showcasing things as they are about showcasing spaces. Focus on color, shape, and space to make the space feel sleek and fresh.

Modern furniture design is all about minimalism. The types of furniture you should choose should have smooth textures and lines. Avoid anything fussy. You want sleek and simple shapes.

Avoid embellishments and ornate carvings. Modern styles of furniture can be made of a number of materials, including light colored wood like birch or maple, metal like nickel and stainless steel, or glass.

Image source: Amitzi Architects

Keep in mind that terbaru designs are not eclectic. You want all your furniture to blend together. No single piece steals the spotlight. The styling should be both practical and stylish in keeping with terkini minimalism.

Don’t crowd the room with terkini furniture pieces you don’t need or won’t use. You need to make sure everything functional and updated while avoiding any sense of coldness or sterility.

Image source: Koch Architects, Inc. Joanne Koch

One of the big rules of interior design is the ‘Rule of Three’. This rule came into being because an odd number of items tend to look more natural than even-numbered groups, which look eerily forced.

Too much symmetry creates a sterile atmosphere. This doesn’t mean symmetry isn’t penting to a good interior design, however! Symmetry and asymmetry need to be balanced, and the Rule of Three can be a big help with this.

Image source: Jill Howard Design Studio

However, don’t feel entirely bound up with the ‘Rule of Three’ in your modern room. It’s a useful guideline, and disregarding it on occasion doesn’t mean your room will be a sterile and lifeless space. Here are some tips and tricks to help you to incorporate terkini furniture into your room design.Design Trends in Modern Furniture

To stay in the most recent modern design fashion, here are the most recent design trends among terkini furnishing:Multifunctional, versatile design and forms that works for many home décor styles and ideas. These designs are break from many old and tried rules, focusing on creative new home decorating concepts to create multifunctional living spaces for the enjoyment of new experiences.Emphasis on new technology that creates eco-friendly products. Recycled materials have become increasingly important to many designers and consumers. Handmade furniture lends a homey rustic touch to even terkini interiors.Exotic designs from all throughout the world, especially Asia and Africa. These unique pieces lend a unique, warm accent to terkini interiors. Elegantly simplistic Scandinavian designs have come to define contemporary furniture design, as well.Art Deco and Art Noveau styles. These styles bring a lot of new beautiful furniture options with them. A lot of modern furniture design have found a unique inspiration in these vintage styles that allow for more diversity in a terkini interior design.Furniture materials that allow for experimentation and new, dazzling home furnishings. A lot of terkini furniture designers incorporate a lot of contemporary materials and green technology into their designs. These eco-friendly materials make for some of the most popular furniture pieces.Practical use of concrete, new plastics, metal alloys, and fiber. These fresh materials are often incorporated into traditional furniture designs with wood, natural stone, traditional metals, and typical plastic. These new pieces are well crafted and very modern.New, bright, and flavorful colors, shapes, and textures. These colors are incorporated with eco-friendly products. This creates a fresh and beautiful look for a terbaru home, staying far from a sterile feel.Soft curvy and straight lines. A pleasant combination of these lines keep a space interesting. The variety of material combinations, as well as wood and metal décor, come together with these lines for a beautiful effect.Fabrics made with natural fibers. These kinds of fabrics are used for both upholstery and decoration. You can easily find, linen, cotton, wool, silk, quality leather, and all sorts of blends for terkini furniture. These fabrics can be found in all sorts of colors, from neutral colors or bright hues. Combine them with durable, man-made fabrics for the best effect.Space-saving modern furniture that blends well with simple shapes and straight lines. These create versatile furniture pieces. These pieces are great for small space while still work in larger living spaces.Lightweight furniture made from reclaimed materials like metal, wood, and glass. This is one of the more practical trends in terbaru design. These pieces are easily moved while being sturdy enough to last. They negate any sterile atmosphere, as well.

Image source: Seattle Staged to Sell and Design LLCMore Tips and Tricks

Now that you know the trends found in terbaru furniture, you might be wondering how to select the specific pieces for your terkini interior design.

The ‘Rule of Three’ works very well for colors as well. The standard equation most homeowners run with is 60%, 30%, 10%. The 60% is the main room color, 30% is the secondary color, and 10% is the accent color.

This is a very good ratio to use for all the interior and exterior colors in your home. Your living room will look pleasant, clean, and terbaru in 60% neutral beige, 30% found in a bold navy blue accent wall, and 10% visible in coral-colored throw cushions.

You may not opt for such a bold color combination, but this ratio can still work. Just pick out three shades of the same color for a calmer, neutral room. This ‘Rule of Three’ can pretty much guarantee that a space will look welcoming and well-designed, with no jarring colors to be found.

Image source: Van Sickle Design Consultants Inc

As with the colors, try to have three textures in your room .Take a close look at some of the all-white room designs you can find in magazines and on the web. These rooms are not really all white, despite the fact they initially look that way.

If you look closer at these all-white rooms, you will find many shades of white, like beige, brown, and cream. You will also find many different textures, like rattan, linen, wood, and nubby cotton.

A well-designed room will have three colors. Wooden accent items can lend a rough texture, while nubby linen upholstery on the stairs and a rusty steel shade on a pendant lamp bring in two more. This creates visual interest and a warm atmosphere.

Image source: Chris Cobb Architecture

If you opt to get your textures in by using three separate fabrics, you will find some different challenges. This can be quite tricky to pull off. You could just pick out one kind of fabrics for curtains, pillows, and throws, but this runs the risk of being both boring and overpowering. Pick out fabrics that play up the textures, patterns, and colors of the others.

The sewing magazine Threads is a good resource for choosing color combinations for your interior design. As the magazine suggests, you should lay out your fabric options side-by-side and pick ones based on pattern, color, and texture.

A good no-fail option is floral, damask, and plaid in green and red. If you’re not sure about your choice, ask a designer for help. They will offer a number of fabric combinations for any room.

Image source: ISLABAU constructoraArrange Furniture with The ‘Rule of Three’

Arranging furniture can be one of the more intimidating aspects of interior design. It often seems like there are just too many rules for furniture placement.

It can be tempting to just throw these out and go your own way, but these tried-and-true guidelines have stuck around for a reason. The ‘Rule of Three’ is often used for furniture because it works so well at creating a space that functions and flows naturally.

Image source: Elad Gonen

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